MRCA Dance Company

The MRCA Dance Company goal is to provide our students with the best teachers and choreographers to help them to grow as dancers.  We believe the dance world is a constantly changing field and we hope to prepare our students in the best way possible so they can succeed in their future endeavors!

We participate in 3-5 competitions per year as well as several conventions.

Highlights and Updates

Injury Policy

Any time a dancer has been out for an injury and recommended by a doctor to take time off of dance, a written release from the doctor will be required to return to dance.  This is for the dancer’s safety and the studio’s safety.

Season Fees

Please inquire about season fees at the front desk.

Routine Hair & Accessories

Please make sure you review your dancer’s hair and accessories for each routine.

Please Come Prepared

Each dancer should have a makeup kit.  The front desk has a list of items that should be in or with you on competition days. Please come ready and prepared for each competition!

Competition Call Times

Competitions often run ahead of schedule, so it is necessary for dancers to arrive at the call time (two hours prior to the first performance).  Dancers should arrive in costume with cover-up and in full hair and makeup.